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Each product offered by Beske Manufacture is lovingly handcrafted in small series. It is precisely this fact that makes each Beske product absolutely unique. Each product bears the typical, unmistakable Beske stamp of timeless design and purist material mix.
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Our Betonfeuer®

The original directly from the manufacturer. In different sizes and designs

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Our home accessories

Discover our elegant collection of home accessories.

Our product of the month

Set ‘Butik’ consisting of 3 handmade storage containers


Sustainable, Functional & Elegant

All our products are designed according to the same criteria. The functionality of our concrete fires, for example, is to recycle wax residues in a meaningful way and thus save them from possible throwing away. Their purist and straightforward design also gives them an extremely elegant appearance.

Sustainability – Functionality – Elegance

About us

Environmentally aware and sustainable

Our company philosophy is deeply anchored in each of our business areas. Sustainability is an essential part of our philosophy. For example, no synthetic materials are used in our products. In addition, our concrete fires are suitable, for example, for the sensible recycling of existing wax residues, for which there is often no reasonable use.

About us