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Do you have a question? In most cases, you’ll find the answers right here in our video tutorials. There are also FAQs about your concrete fire under the videos.

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Video tutorials

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How do I fill my concrete fire with wax?

How do I care for my concrete fire?

How do I extinguish my concrete fire?

What can I do if my concrete fire is completely burnt out?

More questions and answers

How long does a Betonfeuer burn?

There are virtually no limits to the burning time of our refillable garden torches. Thanks to our special, biological permanent wick, our wax fire can provide light for years, possibly even decades, if treated with care. All you need to do is ensure that the wick has enough liquid wax available to burn.

Our recommendation: Simply add old candles, tea lights or our wax plates or wax granules to ensure that the wick does not protrude more than 2 cm from the wax. In return, our concrete fire will provide years of enjoyment.

How long does the wick last?

The principle of our concrete fire is to recycle or add candle residues and thus replenish the wax supply. If the concrete fire is fed with wax again and again, the wick can permanently draw in liquid wax and only burns this. We recommend not allowing the wick to protrude more than 2 cm from the wax. This is the only way to ensure that it can draw in enough liquid wax.

How much wax is in a Betonfeuer?

Most of our fires are about two thirds filled with wax. This offers the great advantage of enjoying our products for a long time. However, we recommend keeping the wax level of your concrete fire fairly constant in the upper range. This is the only way to ensure that our unique refillable garden torch will provide you with light for many years. However, if you fail to add wax in good time, the tip of our biological permanent wick is at risk of losing substance (due to the wax level being too low). However, the concrete fire remains usable due to the generous filling with kerosene. The flame simply sinks a little deeper into the concrete bowl.

Can I use all wax types/colours for filling?

In principle, all commercially available types of wax (e.g. kerosene, stearin, beeswax) can be used to fill our concrete fires. In contrast to comparable products, our organic permanent wick does not clog. In addition to the type of wax, the color of the respective candle residue is also irrelevant. Whether you add red, yellow or white candles to your wax fire is entirely up to your taste. As our concrete pots are compacted during the production process, there is no risk of the wax absorbing. The concrete fire will therefore not take on the color of the candle residue used.

Do I have to melt the wax to refill the concrete fire?

It’s not just the design of our products that is purist and simple! The handling is just as simple. Leftover candles, tea lights or our wax refills are simply added to the fire as a whole. As the name of our creations suggests, the flame of our concrete fires is more of a larger flame that resembles a cozy campfire. It is therefore strong enough to melt the wax for you.
All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Have fun!

Do I have to remove the wicks from the candle residues before adding them?

Wicks do not necessarily have to be removed before adding. Since our concrete fire series is characterized by simplicity in all areas, such a tedious step is not required. However, the wicks and any other impurities in the combustion chamber should be removed quickly. Otherwise, these could also catch fire and cause a larger flame.

Our tip: Add your wax residues to the combustion chamber as a whole. As soon as the wax has melted, the wick can be easily removed from the concrete fire using a non-flammable object.

What happens if I don't add wax?

If less wax is added than recommended, the wick will also be affected. Your concrete fire can only be used for many years if the wick always has enough liquid wax available, which it can easily replenish. We recommend that the wick should not protrude more than approx. 2 cm from the wax. This is the only way to ensure that the flame burns through the liquid wax and not through the wick. If the wax level drops so low that no more liquid wax reaches the tip of the wick, the wick will also burn itself out.

Is the Betonfeuer getting hot?

The outer skin of a concrete fire does not usually get particularly warm. However, this has a lot to do with the way it is operated. If the flame is very deep in the pot, the sides can become hot. However, the base of our concrete fires remains fairly cold due to the solid concrete base. You can therefore use your fire on a table etc. without any problems. However, as the flame of such a refillable wax fire can become very hot, it is important to follow the general rules for handling candles.