Welcome to our manufactory

Get to know us, understand our philosophy and fall in love with our favourite material: concrete.

” Manufactured quality from the Beske manufactory

… find out all about us!

Herzlich Willkommen in unserer Manufaktur

Get to know us, understand our philosophy and fall in love with our favourite material: concrete.

” Manufactured quality from the Beske manufactory

… find out all about us!


Founder of Beske Manufaktur

Even when we were young, we, Jens and Malte, loved creating new things in the workshop. This love of craftsmanship, of creating something new by skilfully combining different materials, still exists today!

We quickly won over our first customers with our first invention – Betonfeuer – the concrete fire.

« In 2016, we fulfilled a dream.
The birth of the Beske manufactory.


Beske-Manufaktur – that’s us: the brothers Jens and Malte, together with our fantastic team. Even when we were little, we spent a lot of our free time in a workshop somewhere. Armed with tools (mostly a hammer and nails) – but not necessarily the required qualifications – everything within reach was somehow “used”.

The result wasn’t always perfect, but we always had a smile on our faces. How about today? Of course, the results are no longer comparable to those of childhood, but the fun of working with concrete and the love of the craft have remained! In 2016, we decided to make this smile on our faces permanent, to “concretise and cement” it in a certain way. The Beske-Manufaktur was born.

In the meantime, we no longer use every material we can get our hands on, but instead concentrate on concrete, steel and wood.

Numerous experiments in the production process and the composition of our concrete, as well as the permanent development of personal skills, are reflected today in the quality of our Betonfeuer.

We hope that you can feel the passion that goes into our products and experience wonderful Beske moments with your favorite pieces!

Das Herzstück der Manufaktur


Betonfeuer are The DAS product from our manufactory. The family came up with the idea, the first experiments and today’s products. The idea of the campfire 2.0 was constantly developed further. Thanks to optimisation, customer feedback and other factors, we now offer 10 different versions. These are adapted to suit different tastes as well as the various conditions in the home garden, on a small city balcony or a wildly romantic terrace. Depending on their size, round and square Betonfeuer® are designed for different uses and preferences.

You can find information on this under the respective Betonfeuer.

Founder of Beske Manufaktur

The idea

We came up with the idea of Betonfeuer® when we were looking for a solution for using leftover wax. As candles do not burn down completely, there is leftover wax that remains unused.

With the Betonfeuer®, they can be easily recycled and still provide a cozy ambience. The specially developed permanent wick produces a particularly high flame that is similar to a campfire.

“Rediscover the campfire” is the motto behind our invention. You read that right – we developed and implemented the product 100% ourselves – and are very proud of “our Betonfeuer”.

With clear geometric shapes and the purist gray concrete, the Betonfeuer fits into any environment and sets timelessly elegant accents.

Let our blog inspire you on how you can best use our Betonfeuer. Click here for the blog »

Made - for you

We love what we do and do our best every day to give you a Beske moment too. Each item is professionally handcrafted in our factory in Cologne. There is no product that does not pass through the hands of several team members and is checked by us as part of quality control.

We love concrete!

Made in Germany

First-class handcraft

All products are 100 % Made in Germany! Why? Because our name stands for the quality of our products. We create unique products with the highest quality standards – and with the original Beske stamp of timeless design and a purist mix of materials.


Today, we are more than the Beske brothers. We are a unit of strong personalities, a community of makers, pragmatists, lovers of detail and technology enthusiasts. We work together on projects, develop products and constantly improve our production. We are one thing above all – a strong team.

We are always on the lookout for personalities who want to join us in making a difference and get stuck in.
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Sustainability at the Beske manufactory

With our Betonfeuer®, we are taking a first step towards reducing waste and are clearly committed to recycling wax and candles. Our focus is on manufacturing products with an almost unlimited life time expectancy. All our creations are made for eternity, made for you. Do you have ideas on how we can improve even further? We always welcome constructive dialogue.

Our philosophy

With an inventive spirit and an eye for a sustainable future, we furnish your home with high-quality home accessories. Through precise craftsmanship, modern materials and a focus on durable products, we develop sophisticated concrete home accessories in our manufactory that enrich every home and create long-lasting pleasure.