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Replacement wick Ø18cm (for the Betonfeuer ‘Ø24cm, Variant 3’)


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Replacement wick for our round Betonfeuer ‘Ø24cm, Variant 3’

Our Betonfeuer are a product that will last forever! Wax acts as the elixir of life. However, should it ever happen that either no wax was available or the evening simply did not allow refilling, you can purchase your replacement wick here.

The application is very simple. In order to save you any complications, we have already embedded the new wick in wax. For you this means: Simply clear the combustion chamber of your concrete fire from the old wick and any residues, then simply insert the replacement wick, light it and lean back.

Attention: This replacement wick is for the product Betonfeuer ‘Ø24cm, Variant 3’ The size information in the item description does not refer to the size of the wick, but to the respective Betonfeuer model.

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FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WICKS:The wicks of the concrete fire are basically “indestructible”. As mentioned above, however, the wick needs wax to burn so that it doesn’t “have to” burn itself. In the instructions for use, we therefore wrote that the wick should “ideally” only protrude 2 cm from the wax. The wick itself is made of a non-flammable, very fine-pored material. This pulls the paraffin up through the pores and burns it. However, if there is not enough paraffin at the tip of the wick, it will inevitably burn a little over time. In addition, more and more wax is burned when the surface of the wick is larger. This means that the further the wick protrudes from the wax, the more wax is burned, since the surface of the wick rises as the paraffin level decreases. However, if the wick always has enough wax (i.e. it does not protrude more than 3 cm) it does not burn off.

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