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Flower pot 17x17x17 incl. Inner pot


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This 17x17x17 flower pot is the largest of our square classics. Due to its extra volume, slightly larger plants / flowers can also be used here. We hope you enjoy perfecting the interplay between simple elegance and colorful flora.

The scope of delivery includes an inner pot measuring 13x13x13 cm which fits perfectly into the flower pot.

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STRICTLY STRAIGHTLINED:As with all Beske-Manufaktur products, we focus on straightness and a simple, but equally elegant design with this flower pot. We believe that when it comes to design, very little can be too much. That is why all of our products are characterized by a high level of simplicity.

ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Decorative and robust are not mutually exclusive! Concrete creations have their very own aesthetic, which has become increasingly important in recent years. And rightly so, as we think. Handling concrete in production can sometimes be a bit tedious, but the result is always a durable and sustainable one-off.

CONCRETE – THE UNDERESTIMATED BUILDING MATERIAL: This flower pot was cast from solid concrete. Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. But it is hardly used for private use. Wrongly, because the material has many positive properties. Resilience and durability, variable areas of application and, above all, ecological criteria (everything you need to mix concrete is provided by nature).

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE BESKEMANUFAKTUR:As already mentioned in the preliminary paragraph, concrete is a very ecological and sustainable building material. But that’s not all. We – the Beske-Manufaktur – have always paid great attention to sustainability. We only use the highest quality materials. We also try, for example with our Betonfeuer, to make a small contribution to a more sustainable world.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm