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Replacement wick Ø10cm (for the Betonfeuer 'Ø24cm, wide edge') 19,90
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Replacement wick 12.5x12.5x8.5cm (for the Betonfeuer '17x17x17') 24,90
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Betonfeuer “Ø 25cm – narrow edge”


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This Betonfeuer is our latest addition. Due to the large wick and the particularly large combustion chambers, the flame burns very high, but still has a lot of paraffin available as a “reserve” until it is necessary to refill. The concrete fire is a product designed for outdoor use that comes close to a small cozy fire. If the concrete fire is repeatedly filled with wax (candle scraps, tea lights or our wax plates), the wick does not burn down. In contrast to an ordinary candle or garden torch, the flame (which blazes between 10 to 15 cm high) can withstand more extreme weather conditions. To smother the flame, simply place the wooden board supplied on the concrete fire.

This is in the package:
Betonfeuer Ø 25 cm x 10cm
Extuinguishing board Ø 25 cm x 1,2cm
(LxWxH in cm)

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BETONFEUER OF THE BESKE-MANUFAKTUR – THE IDEA BEHIND IT: Our Betonfeuer were once developed to enable a sensible use for candle scraps. Who does not know it: most candles don’t burn down completely. However, wax is expensive and everyone loves to have a flame around them, regardless of whether it is a candle, campfire or garden torch. The Betonfeuer is the perfect solution. The naturally degradable permanent wick transforms leftover candles into long-lasting cosiness and romance and creates a real campfire atmosphere in no time at all.

INFINITE USE THANKS TO SUSTAINABLE PERMANENT WICK: The special thing about our concrete fires is the wick. Unlike an ordinary candle, this one creates a large, comfortably flickering flame, almost like a campfire. The burning body is refilled with candle or any other wax residue. To do this, simply let the wax burn off a little and put the remains in the wax that has already melted. That’s it! Thanks to its special structure, the wick is extremely durable and can provide light for up to 10 years.

100% HANDMADE ‘MADE IN GERMANY’: With our name, we stand for the fact that every delivered copy meets our extremely high quality requirements. Each individual – hand-cast, further processed and ultimately finished with great attention to detail – receives the unmistakable stamp of the Beske-Manufaktur.

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE BESKE-MANUFAKTUR: Concrete is a very ecological and sustainable building material. But that’s not all. We – the Beske-Manufaktur – have always paid great attention to sustainability. We only use the highest quality materials. We also try, for example with our Betonfeuer, to make a small contribution to a more sustainable world.

CONCRETE – THE UNDERESTIMATED BUILDING MATERIAL: This Betonfeuer was cast from solid concrete. Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. But it is hardly used for private use. Wrongly, because the material has many positive properties. Resilience and durability, variable areas of application and, above all, ecological criteria (everything you need to mix concrete is provided by nature).

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Weight 5,107 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm